Trek II SSP-3A Preamp Solid State Pre-Amplifier

$ 799.00

The SSP-3A Solid-State Preamp can be installed in Hammond Organ Models:

A, AB, B, BC, C, AV, BCV, BV, CV, DV, A-100, B-2, C-2, B-3, C-3, D, G, D-100, RT, RT-2, RT-3

New Solid-State technology that delivers the classic hammond sound, without the problems of early tube pre-amps

The SSP-3A was designed as a direct solid-state preamplifier replacement for original an AO-28 style '8-tube' preamp in B-3, C-3, A-100, RT-3 and D-100 series organs. The SSP-3A also replaces earlier tonewheel organ console organ pre-amps used in most standard Hammond tone wheel consoles, and includes the circuitry to add percussion (optional upgrade) to most early console organs originally manufactured without percussion. The SSP-3A has been carefully designed to faithfully reproduce the tonal response and features of the original B-3 style tube pre-amp. As an added benefit, the SSP-3A includes a true 'high-gain' spring reverberation unit, fully controllable, at no extra cost!

Standard features included with the SSP-3A Pre-amp:
  • Built in reverberation
  • Built in Leslie 122 tremolo control circuitry (tremolo switch not included)
  • Utilizes original organ volume (swell) pedal and linkage
  • For Portable Hammond console organ projects, circuitry included for remote 1/4' volume pedal
  • Built in Power Supply
Auxiliary Preamp Inputs / Outputs

Two keyboard or other 1/4' inputs are available, housed in a separate enclosure with independent input jacks, output jacks and level controls. These inputs may be used to play keyboards, rhythm units, synths, etc. through the attached organ speaker system (Leslie Speaker or Hammond tone cabinet) or through their own separate amplification system. The volume of the devices is controlled by the volume pedal of the organ. We suggest this option if you wish to play keyboards through the Leslie or in conjunction with the organ. Due to additional preamp circuitry, this option cannot be added later!

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