Trek II RV-1D Reverb

$ 425.00


For use in most standard Hammond Organ consoles. Uses a high-gain three spring reverb delay line for the most natural reverb sound. This unit was designed specifically for the vacuum tube preamplifier circuitry of Hammond tonewheel generator consoles. The reverb output is mixed with the organ preamp output into the Leslie speaker or Hammond Tone Cabinet connected to the organ, giving the best possible sound.

The RV-1B reverb is fully adjustable with a reverb level control (supplied) which is normally mounted under the front rail of the organ. The control can also be installed in one of the left-hand end blocks or in a new steel replacement end block available from GOFF Professional at extra cost. For most organ installations, the RV-1B connects easily to the organ preamp through a supplied tube interceptor socket.


Fits Hammond Organ Models:

A, AB, B, BA, BC, C, A-100, B-2, C-2, B-3, C-3, D, G, D-100, RT-2, RT-3

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