Note Replacement GNR-1A

$ 299.00

Models GNR-1A and GNR-2A

The GNR-1A and GNR-2A provide the simplest and most cost effective alternative to removing and disassembling Hammond tone wheel generator when dead or defective tonewheel generator frequencies are encountered. They require only a simple three wire installation, and are easily mounted in the organ. Each GNR unit generates a replacement sine wave output of the defective tone wheel frequency. It is derived from another tonewheel frequency, so accuracy is maintained. Frequency output or 'volume' can be easily adjusted to match the tonewheel frequencies above and below the replacement frequency.

The GNR-1A is the primary note replacement unit and has a built in power supply and circuitry to replace one dead tonewheel frequency. The GNR-2A has no built-in power supply as it was designed to be used in conjunction with a GNR-1A on organs which require replacement of two or more dead tonewheel generator frequencies. Each GNR-2A will replace a single additional frequency, and a maximum of three GNR-2A units may be powered by a single GNR-1A.

NOTE: The GNR-1A and GNR-2A are not able to replace pedal frequencies on spinet organs, since these tone wheel outputs are not sine wave signals.

The GNR-1A and GNR-2A Generator Note Replacement Units were specifically designed for the following Tonewheel Generator spinet and console HAMMOND Organ Models:

A, AB, B, BA, BC, C, AV, BCV, BV, CV, DV, A-100, B-2, C-2, B-3, C-3, D, G, D-152, E-100, E-300, H-100, H-300, L-Series, M-Series, Porta-B, RT, RT-2, RT-3, R-100, T-Series, X-77 (The GNR-1 and GNR-2 can be used in an X-66 with the addition of a Model TR-6-2 Transposer to replace the pedal tonewheel generator)


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