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Leslie 971 Speaker
971 Solid State Speaker

$ 3595.00

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Product Condition


Warranty Information

1 year parts and labor

Product Dimensions
In Inches

Length: 30
Depth: 21
Height: 42

Product Weight

160.00 pounds

Leslie 971 Speaker

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A High-Power Alternative to a Tube Amplifier Leslie

The Hammond organ and Leslie speaker are synonomous with classic Rock, Blues, Jazz , Gospel, Country and other music styles. However, some live-music situations require a higher power alternative due to many factors, including proximity to other high volume amplifiers, lack of stage monitor equipment, etc. The 971 was specifically designed for use with new Hammond XB Series organs and the XB-2 Keyboard. It offers the professional or church musician a true high power Leslie option when more power is required a single Leslie cabinet, and similar sound and operation to the classic 147/122 series speaker is desired. Equipped with a 90 watt Bass Amplifier and 50 watt horn amplifier, the 971 has a total power handling capability of 150 watts RMS, as compared to the 40 watt RMS rating of a 122 or 147 tube amplifier.

Any Similarities Between the 971 and the 122/147 Series are Purely Intentional

The 971 was specifically designed to model the sound and operation of a classic 122 or 147 Leslie to the greatest extent possible. The 971 cabinet is identical to the 122 Series and 147A cabinet, and it's 60 watt horn driver, 100 watt 15' woofer, motor operation, etc. are essentially similar, as are the original design upper rotating horn and lower rotating rotor.

Perfect for early Hammond Organs when higher power is required

The Leslie Model 971 is equipped with an 11-pin connector, but can easily be used with older Hammond organs including models B-3, C-3, A-100, and most other was console and spinet models when used in conjunction with a Leslie Connector Kit. Additional information on Leslie Connector Kits can be found elsewhere in our On-Line Catalog of parts, equipment and services.

Use with Keyboards or other 1/4' devices

Contact GOFF Professional for parts and service, or for complete new and rebuilt Leslie's. We can also customize a complete organ and Leslie touring or church package for your special needs.


  • True Mechanical Rotating Upper Horn / Rotating Bass Rotor as in the 122 / 147 Series
  • Solid-State amplifier- Bass - 90 watts RMS; Horn - 50 watts RMS
  • 8 Ohm Upper Speaker (Driver), rated at 60 watts
  • 15', 8 Ohm Woofer, Long-throw - Rated at 100 watts
  • Two-Speed Operation for Chorale (Slow), Tremolo (Fast); 'Off' available on some models when used in conjunction with some new Hammond organs
  • Power - 120 VAC, 60 hz, or 220 VAC, 50 hz versions available